Saturday, July 11, 2015

Choices At The Point Of Change

The temperature in Geneva reached a high of over 40 degrees this week. The highest temperature recorded since 2003. The unbearable furnace-like heat reminded me of my days in Tamale, Ghana and Cairo, Egypt. It was during my sojourn in these places that I experienced such high temperatures. We talked much about those times during the past week.

I paused and pondered.

So much change has taken place in my life since I left Tamale in 2003 and Cairo in 2007.

Change I did not expect
Change I did not engineer
Change I did endure

Change came. It altered the course of my life. It took me to a different altitude.

Since we took off from Geneva, I watched the altitude rising on the monitor, waiting to see when the plane would get to its cruising altitude. It did. 35 minutes into the flight over Luxembourg at 12,195 meters (40,000 feet).

If we hit a storm, the pilot will have to make a choice of possible actions, which may alter the flight path. And we may not arrive at our planned destination, at least not at the scheduled time.

I love flying. That was one of the things I enjoyed working with UNICEF for 15 years—I did a lot of traveling. I love visiting new places. I loved the thrill. I loved adventure.

Change came. It took that from me for a season. But God is turning it around for my good and in my favor.

At the beginning of 2015, I set my watchword for the year—be consistent, complete and stay focussed. Six months gone already, we are in the second half of the year. It is time to take stock and do a midterm review. There's no better place for me to do that than at this altitude—12,000meters above sea level floating on soft white clouds. That's where I am writing this post on my way to Lagos via Amsterdam.

As I pondered on the first half of 2015, I was overwhelmed by how much God has used the change that altered the course of my life to impact lives. It is simply beyond words. This has been a very busy year but who would have thought two years ago that it will turn out this way. I had several opportunities to share my story. The story of God's grace that sustained me through the storm.

Grace kept through the stormy change. Grace is giving purpose to the change. I could not give up on hope during the storm because I have experienced God as a faithful and loving Father. In the face of unexpected change, I learnt that the choices I make will determine whether or not I will fulfil God's purpose for me in the situation and beyond.

I chose never to give up on hope, come what may.

Change is a constant. It is inevitable. It is unavoidable. It is will come to each of us at one point in time or the other and in one form or the other. Some change is for good. Some, not so good.

What do we do when change comes on us unannounced?

The choices you make when you are faced with change will determine your destination—where you end up.

The month of June was profound in many ways. I spent three weeks with my Sista and fellow dream-chaser, Bidemi Mark-Mordi. We encouraged and built each other up as iron sharpens iron. More importantly, from London to Zurich to Geneva, we saw God moving beyond our wildest imagination during the Sistapower Gathering and Women Conferences we attended. He used the stories He has written of our lives to inspire and encourage women from diverse backgrounds to be who God created and called them to be, irrespective of the change that has visited their lives.

We saw God using a willing vessel in London. We saw the dividend of time invested in prayers in Zurich. We saw how God burdened our hearts with the revelation to bring about redemption and heal the broken in Geneva. And plenty tears did flow.

I had many lightbulb moments during the Geneva meeting. God confirmed again that He is too wonderful for comprehension. If you ever think you know God's word so much that you can take it for granted, you need a rethink. The stories of the change that came upon the two Tamars in the Bible came alive for me in a brand new way as Bidemi Mark-Mordi expounded "The Tales Of Two Tamars."

Change came upon these women in the Bible.
It was unexpected.
They did not ask for it.
They did nothing to bring it on themselves.
In fact, they did not deserve it.
Yet change came. And it was cruel.

The two women were broken by those who should have done right by them. They were broken in pieces inside. They suffered the pain they did not solicit.

Does that sound familiar to you?

One was condemned to the broken life of childless widowhood in her father's house. The other was condemned to the broken life of a shamed, defiled and undefended woman.

But that was as far as the similarities went.
Their responses to the change were different.
The choices they made in the face of unspeakable change were different.
The outcome was also different.

What was the difference?
One Tamar stayed in the place of brokenness—the place where she was broken by man, life, and circumstances. She remained desolate in her brother's house for the rest of her life (2Samuel 13).

The other Tamar opted to get up from the place she was broken by three different men. She seized the opportunity and did something about her brokenness. She turned it around. She became the mother of Perez, the great great grandfather of Boaz. Boaz was the grandfather of David (Genesis 38, Ruth 4:16-22).

Life can be unfair. Bringing cruel, painful and often irreparable change. But at what point do you get up and step on the pain? At what point do you jump on the springboard of change and let it catapult you to your next level.

When life visits us and change come upon us, we need to know what does not change; God does not change. His undying love for you does not change. His plan and purpose for your life does not change. Let me assure you that God is working through the change to bring His purpose for your life into full manifestation.

1. What would you do you do when no one can put you together?
Quite honestly no one can put you together when you have been broken. But if you draw strength from above and look up to God, He can put the smithereens back together again.

2. What would you allow to break you that you will refuse to stand again?

When Bidemi asked these two questions, I understood again that God has given us the will to choose. He also made His grace abundantly available if we choose to get up from the places where we have been broken.

My dear friends, what would you do?

Would you choose to stand firm in faith and hope, come what may?
Would you choose not to give up on hope?
The choices you make in the face of change can make or mar your destiny.

You need that the remedy for the bitter pools in your life has been prepared in advance before you get to Marah (Exodus 15: 22-26).

The change your life experiences bring can become assets for your ministry or launching pad to fulfilling purpose. Yes, your pain, your physical/emotional trauma, etc., are assets that can allow you to reach other people who may be going through the similar experience.

I would never have appreciated the depth of pain that goes with losing a child if I have never felt it.
I would never have understood the agony and anxiety of waiting for a child if I didn't suffer a waiting, howbeit short.
I would definitely not have known the challenges, distress and frustrations of living with chronic, long-term diseases but for the twenty years I spent in the valley of affliction.
I would not have given an amputee more than a cursory look until I experienced first-hand the challenges of being an amputee. Now I understand how handicap unfriendly many of our facilities. Many times, I go into the shops, I can't find a place to sit, rest and take the weight off my limbs.

My painful changes and life experiences are taking me to a higher altitude in my walk with God, and in fulfilling God's kingdom agenda.

Yours can too!

What are your painful change experiences? How can it help you become a solution to those around you? Ponder on these questions and do feel free to share. Let's encourage one another.

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Unique Pathway For A Unique Purpose

Subconsciously, my mind chose to focus on the process by which pearls are formed this morning. I was still in bed, musing on the events of my life in the past years and especially in the last few weeks. The several discussions I had with my Sistas, Bidemi and Audrey, while we were in London for the Sistapower Gathering in UK floated back into my mind. 


These three words are so intricately woven together that they are inseparable. I had a light bulb moment as I pondered on how these tightly woven words have played out in my life story. That was when I remembered that I had written a blog post on pearls some years ago. I sought for it and found it.

I posted The Pearl Necklace on Wednesday, March 21, 2012. I still cannot remember what inspired that story. My jaws dropped as I read the blog post over again today. It was prophetic on many levels.

At the time of writing The Pearl Necklace, I had no indication that I would at some point in my life own a beading business. It was not even on my list of dreams and goals. But eighteen months later, I made my first bead jewelry set and my beading business was launched six months after that first set was made. 

Process and pain marked the path between March 2012 and June 2013 when purpose began to be revealed. I am overwhelmed at what God has been doing with Hands of Grace Creations; the doors this business has opened to me to share my testimony and the provision when most needed. 

Dear Friends, through it all, I learnt the following lessons:
- there is purpose in the process
- there is purpose in the pain
- my process is unique for my calling.

Your pathway to fulfilling your God-ordained purpose is unique for you. Be assured that God's grace can sustain you through whatever lies along the way

Read below The Pearl Necklace:

An unusual wandering in the “muse-land” took me to Chinatown. I walked along the street lined with jewelry shops and an array of beautiful necklaces displayed on the window of one of them drew my attention.
Through the window, I saw an old man sitting in front of a table laden with many bowls; his eyes beckoned me to come in. Unable to resist if I wished, I went in, with a swift sweep of his hands he directed me to sit across him. I did.
He picked a measured length of silk thread and threaded it through a needle. With a long deliberate pause, his eyes swept over the array of pearls in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colors in individual bowls on the tray in front of him, dazzling in their rich and vibrant luster.
He stretched his callous hands to the farthest bowl on the tray with tiny round pearls looking like caviar, picked one of them,  and passed the needle through it along with several others. He placed a knot after each one, gradually increasing the sizes until the midpoint.
Then he picked a shimmering drop-shaped pearl with the colors of a peacock, lifted it up to the rays of sun streaming into the room and turned it around on the tips of his gaunt fingers—it sparkled in sunlight.
Precious,” he declared.
He strung it and continued with the round ones decreasing the sizes. It was a beautiful well-matched symmetric strand. I thought he would fix the clasp and finish it but he laid it down on another tray, picked up another strand of measured silk thread, and began the same process, this time the pearls were irregular in shape and size.
“Each unique.
I imagined so, since each pearl will bear the unique “signature” of the mother oyster that produced it.
Again at the midpoint he placed another shimmering peacock-colored pearl larger than the first one and finished up the strand as before. He laid the second strand below the first.
I was intrigued, but I glanced at my watch and shifted in the chair: “Where is he going with this?”
He must have read my mind, he smiled and said, “Wait, be patient.”
He picked the third strand of silk thread. This time after the first few small round pearls, the sizes increased dramatically until about the midpoint, and he placed smaller shimmering round pearls here and continued symmetrically to the end. He placed the third strand on the tray below the second.
Then he pulled one side of the three strands together, knotted them and worked the threads through one end of a gold clasp. He did the same for the other end. An exquisite picture emerged as he pulled the strands together, the midpoint pearls fitted on top of each other shimmering with the colors of a peacock. The irregular shaped dark green center strand was sandwiched between a thin rounded glittering black top strand and a thicker bottom strand in the same color. It was a perfect fit.
Beautiful, eh?”
Admiring what he created, he said, “Each piece, part of the story. Without one, necklace not same.”
I agreed with him. The product of the painstaking process was indeed beautiful. Each pearl, irrespective of the size or shape, had to be in a defined location for the strung pearls to come together in a perfect fit. Each strand could have stood alone, but together they formed a beautifully created elegant necklace.

It is reassuring to know we are precious, unique, and beautiful in the sight of God—fearfully and wonderfully created by Him. He meticulously strings together every divinely designed event in our lives, and fit them together for our good and to fulfill His ultimate purpose for us.
The pit, Potiphar’s house, and the prison—all are fitted together to prepare the perfect path to the palace for Joseph. Each experience was a unique event, which took Joseph closer to the fulfillment of his dreams. It was from the pit he was sold to the Medianites who brought him into Egypt and sold him to Potiphar, a Pharaoh’s officer. It was from Potiphar’s house he was sent to the prison. The prison brought him in contact with the Pharaoh’s Chief Butler, who at the appointed time provoked a recommendation on his behalf.   
Every event in our lives is allowed for a purpose and has a part to fulfill in the ultimate story. I got impatient because I did not know the design the old man had in mind for the pearls.
We also we get impatient and fidgety during the hard and difficult times when we seem to have more questions than answers. But this is the time to wait patiently with expectation trusting God Who knows the end from the beginning to work it all together for our good.
Do you know you are precious to God, and He has a good plan for you?

Do you know that God's good plan for you will require a painstaking process?

For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. – Jer. 29:11

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Appreciating The Goodness Of God

It has been a whirlwind of events over the last three weeks; memory making moments, many moments of recalling the mercies of God and moments when dreams turned to reality.

With great joy and gratitude to God, we heard the Master of the Ceremony announce; "From the Federal Republic of Nigeria....." And he called the name of our second son, not once but three times. The young man walked across the stage twice to receive the awards for Highest Academic Achievement and the Director's Prize. And the third time to receive his High School Diploma. The journey of his basic education began in the kindergarten school in Ibadan, Nigeria and took him through two years of primary school in Tamale, Ghana at the age of four. The last leg of twelve years in College de Leman, Geneva ended gloriously on Saturday, May 30th, 2015.

He not only did us his parents proud, he made all African Parents present at the Graduation Ceremony proud. When families and friends, started calling him "Professor" at the age of four months because of his receded hairline, little did they know they were prophesying greatness into his life. He is the geek of our family. He is following the footsteps of his uncles and big brother into the field of Engineering. I can never thank God enough for this fine God-fearing young man who we declare, like his namesake, shall be a man after God's heart.

I do appreciate You, O God for the great joy You have given us over this child you blessed our lives with and over his brother.

The following evening, our family gathered together reflecting on the amazing goodness of God to us. It was May 31st. It was a day my friend who is also an amputee tagged, "Ampuversary." It was two years since my legs were amputated below the knees. We reflected on how far God had brought us from that day when we shed tears together as a family. We talked about how God gave purpose to our pain and birthed the Feet Of Grace Foundation. My sons remarked that I would never have been involved in this Charity and Fund-Raising activities if my legs were not amputated. My husband said I had to go through this process of losing my legs so that others may receive their legs.

There is indeed purpose in the process and pain. For this, I truly appreciate God.

We praised and glorified God some more on Tuesday, June 2nd. We remembered how God took the sting out of our pain on June 2nd, 2013 when the nurses switched off the supplemental oxygen and the ventilator. For the first time in eight years, I was breathing without support and effort.

Top on the list of things we take for granted in life is breathing. We don't think about it. We expect to take the next breath, to the extent that we don't appreciate that it is God who gives us the grace to breath. He holds the breath of man, and with it He holds man's soul in life. I learnt to appreciate the value of every single breath when breathing became a conscious effort for me.

Looking back to the last two years of effortless breathing, I cannot but fall on my knees and appreciate the goodness and mercies of God.

By this time, I had barely four days left to translate my gal's dream to reality. Her dream needed the exercise of her name to be made manifest. It has been a walk of faith since we started planning her wedding. We needed to exercise faith the more as the day drew near. I needed grace, strength, wisdom and divine help. The list of things to do was as long as my height stretched out.

God amazed, astonished and overwhelmed us. June 6th was exceedingly beyond what we dared to imagine. The bride was radiant with joy and the glory of God. Her dream became a reality. I must admit, it was truly a beautiful wedding. God raised all the help and resources we needed far beyond our imagination.

I don't have a biological daughter, but I am blessed with many daughters. Faith is one of them. She gave me the joy of what it feels like to be the Mother of the Bride. For this and all that God did for us over the six months of planning this wedding, I do appreciate my All-Sufficient and Ever-Faithful Father in heaven.

It is not yet time to rest; another dream is about to come true.

It started as a figment of my imagination in 2014 when a dear Sista asked, "When would there be a Sistapower Gathering in London?" Subsequently, at the 2014 Return of the Helpers Conference (ROTH) in Lagos, it was strongly impressed on my heart that ROTH will go to nations. I announced there that London is on the list. But the question; "how can it be?" assailed my mind. I needed someone in London to anchor the event.

God sparked the flame of enthusiasm in another daughter of mine living in London, and she began the work of organising the first edition of UK Sistapower Gathering with excitement.

If you are in London area join us on Saturday, June 13th, 2015 as we encourage one another to be the Solution God has created us to be. He is preparing and processing you and me to be a solution and to impact our world. Please don't miss. My heart rejoices in the Lord for what He has in stock for us. I am expectant and so grateful for how far He has brought us.

Dear Friends, I encourage you to take time each day to reflect on the amazing goodness of God in your life. I am persuaded that God is causing fresh water to flow in abundance in the midst of the seemingly hard and unyielding situations you may find yourself each day. Just draw near to Him in faith and obedience.

Do take a moment to share with us one thing you are appreciating God for and let's join you to give praise to God.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pause, Listen, Balance, And Stay Focused.

Once upon a time, my agenda was snow-white. The occasional specks of ink on my agenda were mainly activities relating to keeping me alive—hospital appointments, physiotherapy and home care. That is now history of past events. It is no longer breaking news that Irene’s plate is always fully loaded these days. Hence my absence from the blogosphere over the past three weeks.

The run-up to the Hit The Street For Their Feet Charity Walk on April 25th was hectic. It left me breathless. I have not had time to catch my breath since then. All the donations coming from across three continents had to be acknowledged and receipted irrespective of the amount because each of them made a difference and added value taking us to our set goal. I am so grateful to God that I have much to acknowledge. The administrative part of the Charity is still ongoing.

It was in the midst of that that I realized that I had only thirty days (now seventeen) left to the wedding of the dear daughter of Zion who God used to support me during the year post my amputation. She cared for me and attended to my needs during those early days while I learnt to regain my autonomy and to get accustomed to my new definition of normal as an amputee. She has been a blessing to me. I had committed to help translate her dream to reality and time was fast running out. I was in overdrive now.

Alongside came the preparations for the Annual Conference, which took place in my church last weekend. While we were getting ready, I had to go for a surgery to correct what the doctors termed “a rare form of adhesion” which got my tracheotomy scar stuck to my trachea. It was a day surgery. I was back in my kitchen barely 3 hours after the surgery. But it was a restless and rather painful night afterward and has required a twice a week trip to the hospital to keep an eye on it.

In the midst of all these, my accountability partners and very concerned friends were keeping a tab on me. They wanted to know where I was, regarding my pending assignments—completion of my book and getting the Feet Of Grace website running to name a few. And the pressure mounted.

That was when I had to pause. I needed to take a deep breath. I was feeling overwhelmed and overcharged. I have a passionate aversion to idleness with a relentless drive for purpose, perfection and making a difference. It appears that this combination has pushed me to the other side of the spectrum.

The outlook for the next four months seems even more charged with several planned travels, ministry project and pending Ministry training assignments. It was the time for me to pause and listen.

I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens, empowers and infuses me with strength from His limitless stores. But I am not called to do everything.

Having a clear guidance and direction from God as to what He wants me to do, when, where and how He wants me to do the things He has called me to do has become an imperative. I must pause and listen. If I am not quiet, I cannot hear Him speaking to me. It is only when I am getting instructions from Him that I can balance all the many balls that I have to juggle in the air. It is only by His grace that I can do the things He has called me to do. I need to pause, listen and balance.

I know God also has a deep aversion to idleness. Several passages in the Bible points in that direction.

"And about the eleventh hour he went out and found others standing around; and he said to them, 'Why have you been standing here idle all day long?'” – Matthew 20:6

“"The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat." – 2Thess. 3:10

“You should mind your own business and work with your hands, just as we told you,” – 1Thess 4:11

I also know that God does not want me to burn out or run on my own steam, I cannot be useful to Him that way. Therefore, I must insert precious times of rest into the equation.

Several key points shone brightly like a lighthouse on a dark night as I processed all the above.  I will share some of them with you.

1.       I have to learn to say NO:
If I am going to stay focused on the goal and accomplish the tasks God laid on my heart for this year, I have to give myself the permission to say No. First to myself and then to others. A young man challenged me recently to master the art of No in an excellent article he posted on his blog - The Art of No. It is not just about saying No but how to manage a No response. What do I mean by saying no to myself? I mean I cannot do everything that comes to my mind even if it sounds great and will benefit someone.

2.        I need to prioritize:
Some tasks are important, but they are not urgent. Some things that God calls us to do are urgent and important because someone is waiting at the other side to receive of it. I cannot afford to be lackadaisical about the things that are important in God’s kingdom agenda. The fact that He has not issued a deadline the way my bosses at work would do does not mean that I can do my God-ordained assignments at my convenience.

3.       Ultimately, my accountability is to God:
God has called me to be a good steward of the resources He has assigned to me to manage. These include the talents, gifts and abilities with which He endowed me. As a steward of God’s resources, there will come a time I much give an account of what I have done with these resources. As well as how I have fared with the responsibilities and tasks He assigned to me. Doing His will and fulfilling His call upon my life requires my utmost attention and dedication.

God’s all-sufficient grace is available and richly abounding to each of us so that we having all sufficiency in all things and at all times may abound to every good work. I want to abound in good works. My earnest desire is to impact lives for good, make a difference and leave a lasting legacy. I must, therefore, run the race set before me tapping into the rich grace available to me and with my gaze focused on the ultimate goal.

Over the coming months, I will do my best to keep this space we share together to enrich and encourage one another active while I strive to maintain a balance in my responsibilities and commitments. There will be guest posts here, and I hope to see the blog relocate to the Feet Of Grace website as soon as it is up. In the interim, I ask you to uphold me in prayers; that I may have strength to do what I am called can do, courage to accept those that I cannot do and the wisdom to know the difference. Pray also that God will send me help fitted for this assignment.

I pray that each of you will flourish in the place where God has assigned you.

What do you do when you feel overwhelmed with so many things to do? Share and let's encourage one another.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Beyond Imagination

When I look at the night sky and see the works of God’s fingers—the moon and the stars that He set in place, I wonder, what is man that He should be mindful or even think of them.

But He thought about me. He considered me. He visited me.

This is the God, Who created the stars too numerous to the counted—much more than the grains of sand on all the beaches of the world. He set them in place and calls each of them by name.

And He knows my name.

Indescribable, uncontainable,
You are amazing God
All powerful, untamable,
Awestruck I fall to my knees as I humbly proclaim
You are amazing God

He is the God, Who promised me that He will give me the Feet of Grace that will take to places where my natural feet could not take me—places beyond my imagination. When He gave me this word of assurance before my legs were amputated on May 30, 2013, I had no clue what He could possibly have in mind. But I knew that He can do what He says He will do. And I also knew that He has good plans for me because His thoughts for me are thoughts of good. All glory be to God Who does exceedingly more than we could ever ask, think or dare to imagine.

When God laid it on my heart to enrich lives by raising funds to provide prosthetic limbs for amputees in poor communities, I dared to imagine. I wanted to reach out to one child and one woman at a time. We began to plan the Feet Of Grace Charity Walk: Hit The Street For Their Feet. I set the figure of 15,000 Swiss francs based on the estimates we got from our partners. I put it out and committed myself.

Then, fear crept in, and the questions followed; “how shall this thing be?”

I thought if I could find 150 friends willing to give 100.00 Swiss francs each, we will reach the goal. I made a list of friends. I wrote to as many as I could. I started the campaign here on the blog and the social media. At first, the response was trickling. I went back to the Lord in prayer and released my dream into His hands. He gave the assignment, He will surely give the grace to accomplish it. I ask Him for helpers to support the preparations. I asked Him to stir up the hearts of men in my favour. I asked Him to glorify His name in it all.

He did. Exceeding beyond my wildest imagination.

Today’s post is a catalogue of praise reports of the mysterious ways God worked to perform His wonders in our lives during the Hit The Street Campaign.

Destiny Helpers:
Help came from unexpected places. God raised up people who willingly went beyond the call of duty to expend time, energy and resources to support the preparations and the runs leading to the Charity Walk. They volunteered themselves and their families. They transported me to where I needed to be. They worked hours with me. They cooked, cleaned and ran errands. They worked from afar and on the ground via the social media and word of mouth to ensure we reached many more people. They simply served in remarkable ways beyond my expectation.

Prayer Partners:
Many without being asked, across many countries, stood in the gap. They prayed for safety, security, protection and that we may find favor before men. We felt the presence of God in our midst as we gathered in the hall to take off. The genuine joy and praise to God expressed throughout the walk is beyond description.

Getting ready
Prayers answered beyond what we asked for:
The weather forecast for the appointed day was all-day rain. Three days before the event, friends called me to find out if we were rescheduling or cancelling. My answer was a firm NO. I turned to the Lord. We prayed for a great weather during the walk. We woke up on Saturday morning to a chilly weather; it had rained overnight. A few minutes before the starting time, the clouds gathered, and it became windy. Barely 15 minutes into the walk, the fingers of God tipped the clouds away, and the sun came out. The weather throughout the walk was beyond what I ever asked for. It was simply great. The rains came later in the afternoon and ended the day with a rainbow—a reminder that God is a covenant-keeping God.

On The Street
The turnout was impressive. We had seventy people participating in the event. From the baby who supported his mother with receiving donations to the toddlers who went with their parents in their strollers and the young ones who walked several times around the building to make their 5km. My GP and two of my Physiotherapists joined us. I had surprise guests coming from Senegal and Ghana. And there were people I had never met before who heard and wanted to be a part of it. It was simply beyond my imagination!

Generous Givers:
I could devote a blog post to this. As the D-day drew near; my only confession was, “God can do beyond my imagination.” He did. It was mind-boggling!!! God simply opened the windows of Heaven; they gave and are still giving. It is just amazing how God stirred up the hearts of many on our behalf. Families, old friends, new friends and even those we barely knew from many nations—all rose to support this cause.

From young David M, who cheerfully donated his 5 euros, to the new partnership that we formed with an NGO, Center for Integrated Health, willing to support Chidiebere beyond the provision of his prosthetic limb. The Charity Fund is swelling with your generous donation beyond my wildest dream.

With my doctor + physiotherapists

When I lost my feet, little did I know that the experience will position me to extend limbs to other amputees so that they may rise and walk. Something great, marvelous and beyond imagination is springing out of my dark valley of many afflictions. All glory be to God Who turns our tests to testimonies.

Your silver and gold, which you are giving so generously, will ensure that Chidi, Olivet and other amputees like them will rise and walk again.  On their behalf, I thank you all from the depth of my heart. May the Lord Who owes no man richly bless and reward your labor love.

We ended the day with a Charity Dinner organized by Harambee4Africa, a local NGO in Geneva that promotes the well-being of less privileged African women, girls, orphans and youth. It was a great opportunity for the Feet of Grace to extend the reach of our fundraising efforts.

I give all praise and thanks to God Who made 2015 Hit The Street Charity Walk a successful reality beyond what I could ever ask for, dream or imagine. To You, O Lord, be all the glory!

When I go in relentless pursuit of a dream, my husband is on high alert. I bless God for my husband who gives me the space and support to dream, spread my wings and soar high. With quiet yet resilient strength, he knows when to rein me in so I can stay focused on the goal. I am so grateful to him and my sons, Ose and Ehi. You make me proud!!!

The 2015 Feet Of Grace Charity Walk has come to pass but the work has just begun. We have just flagged off the fundraising efforts. We will begin the real work with the Irede Foundation to get Chidi and Olivet through the process of acquiring their limbs. We will continue to raise funds for many more amputees to rise up and walk.

Make your silver and gold count for eternal value. Join us to extend limbs to amputees. Together, we are touching lives for good and changing lives for better.